26 de dezembro de 2014

Thank you Janice

My secret partner of the SSCS 2014 from Chookyblue was Janice
and she made a lovely and useful bag

she  send me some nice goodies , my husband said chocolate is yummy ... sorry Janice i did not have time to prove it!  it disappear when i was looking the pattern the notepad and  the book mark ....

thank you once again " we"  ( Husband & I) love it all.

2 comentários:

Chookyblue...... disse...

I saw your beautiful sew together bag Janice made just before she popped it into the mail........it's beautiful.......thanks for being part of the SSCS once again.........

Borboleta Serrana disse...

Olá Isabel. Sou a Sofia e cheguei aqui pelo SAL.
Gostava de lhe perguntar se já tem o projecto para 2015 e onde o conseguiu comprar.
Parabéns pelos seus trabalhos. Agora terei oportunidade de os acompanhar de perto!