26 de dezembro de 2014

Thank you Janice

My secret partner of the SSCS 2014 from Chookyblue was Janice
and she made a lovely and useful bag

she  send me some nice goodies , my husband said chocolate is yummy ... sorry Janice i did not have time to prove it!  it disappear when i was looking the pattern the notepad and  the book mark ....

thank you once again " we"  ( Husband & I) love it all.

15 de dezembro de 2014

The Sleigh Landed ....

And it came from...Austrália..
My SSCS2014 it´s Janice , you can visit her  http://jannimary.blogspot.pt/

First i want to aplugise for  not to post here , but we have na holy day (8th December - Nossa senhora da Conceição) and  i went out for a few days , sorry Janice

If i like ? YES... Look the most beautiful embroidery  love the colours and  this mini card, so cute.

The rest .... i can´t open until the  25th.